Copywriting Portfolio

Here is a collection of some of my recent works and published copy.



Travel article – Durmitor National Park, Montenegro: The ultimate Wanderlust guide

Evening Standard.


Lifestyle article for the Evening Standard – 33 UK wedding venues fit for a royal wedding

Lifestyle article for the Evening Standard – 30 of the best wedding venues in the UK

Research led article for the Evening Standard – Women laying strong foundations for the future

Client & Publisher.

Bridebook Article – 5 tips to help you decide where your wedding venue should be

Bridebook Photographer Interview – John Nassari

Bridebook Article – 20 beautiful barn wedding venues

Bridebook Article – Beach Wedding Venues

Bridebook Article: Hotel wedding venues

Bridebook Article – 25 Cheap Wedding Venues

Bridebook Article – Castle Wedding Venues

Bridebook Barnutopia Interview

Silx Digital – Dubai

Business Incorporation Zone Dubai – 5 big brand business failures – and what startup entrepreneurs can learn from them

Business Incorporation Zone Dubai – 3 billionaires share their top tips for startup owners seeking success

Business Incorporation Zone Dubai – The best business books to help your startup succeed in 2020

Business Incorporation Zone Dubai – How businesswomen in the UAE start out and succeed in a male-dominated market

Silx Blog – 5 Digital Marketing Blunders

Business Incorporation Zone Dubai – 5 sales metrics you should track to increase profitability

Silx Blog – 5 ways you lose money without content marketing


Marie Curie Charity Article – an inside look at Hampstead Hospice

Dame Kelly Holmes Trust Article – every child needs a hero



Savoo Article – Back to school week; mums, your time has come

Savoo Article – Entertainment & Celebrity – 6 Celebrity Marriages That Have Stood the Test of Time

Savoo Article – Facebook / iRobot promo



Research led article for the Evening Standard

Randstad – Education Reform Summit London

Randstad Awards – Script Writing 

Search Engine People


B2C – Business to Community


Globalization – A Helpful or Harmful Concept?

Mastering the Art of Multilingual Twitter Engagement

B2C – Have You Developed an Online Marketing Strategy

B2C – The Essential Guide to International Domain Names

Turkey Emerges as Powerful Player in 2013