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Hire a copywriter 101 – why good copywriting matters

Words. We all use them daily. We speak them, text and email with them and read them everywhere we go. Which is why I’m not all that surprised to learn that many people don’t really see the value in professional copywriting. After all, they’re just words. We all manage to communicate with each other daily…

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Meeting the Locals – a Rural Right of Passage

I’m an old fashioned girl at heart. But why does the concept of ‘meeting the neighbourhood’ seem old fashioned to a 30-something year old like me? Two words…city conditioning. In the country, people do actually stop to say hello. I wonder, do they spot townie’s from a distance? Are we instantly identifiable by our glassy…

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When city meets country

I used to dream of moving to the countryside. Of being able to fling open the windows and look out across vast fields of green and gold; fringed with trees and nothing more… Of taking long walks with my husband and our dog, listening to the sound of birds singing and breathing in the clean,…

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