Highbury Farm

Local business documentary photography

30 years ago Peter and his wife swapped London life for a new and exciting rural adventure involving 144 acres of farmland, a flock of over 450 ewes, three kids, four dogs and I’d imagine not too much free time.

Highbury Farm in Ardeley, Stevenage, specialises in sheepskin products, natural knitting wool and local fresh lamb.

I went along to a local farmers market in Little Hadham to produce a mini photo essay of Peter selling his produce.

Farmers markets are so important for smaller, local farmers who are either unable to or not interested in mass producing meat or produce to supply supermarket chains. Without meeting minimum volumes farmers cannot supply to supermarkets meaning that some farmers are left with surplus meat and produce. Keeping the tradition of selling local food in local capacities alive is important ethically, culturally and socially.